KEYSIGHT U1602B 手持式数字示波器 (20Mhz, 2channels, 200MSa/s)



Displays: 4.5” color LCD

Channels: 2

Bandwidth: DC to 20 MHz

Maximum sampling: 200 MSa/s 1 chanel, 100 MSa/s each channel if using 2 chanel

Digital mutimeter DMM:


Voltage AC/DC: 600 V

Resistance: 60 MΩ

Capacitance: 0.01 nF to 300 μF

Temperature: 6000 °C, K-type thermocouple (option)

Diode test: yes

Data logging: Internal: 250 points

Battery (included): Rechargeable Ni-MH /4h


U1561A 10:1 Scope probe

U1580A Test leads

U1162A Alligator clips

USB cable

U1570A AC power adapter and cord

U1571A Ni-MH battery pack

Quick Start Guide

Certifi cate of calibration

Dimensions (H x W x D): 241.0 x 138.0 x 66.0 mm

Warranty: 1 Years

Manuafacture:  KEYSIGHT – USA




U1168A Standard test lead kit

U1161A Extended test lead kit

U1162A Alligator clips

U1163A SMT grabbers

U1164A Fine-tip test probes

U1169A Test probe leads (with 19-mm tips and 4-mm tips)

U1181A Immersion temperature probe

U1182A Industrial surface temperature probe

U1183A Air temperature probe

U1560A 1:1 Scope probe

U1561A 10:1 Scope probe

U1562A 100:1 Scope probe

U1570A AC power adapter

U1554A Hook clip for probe tip

U1571A Ni-MH battery pack

U1580A DMM terminal testlead set

U1583B AC current clamp

U1586B Temperature module

U1590A Soft carrying case

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