Bandwidth (-3dB): DC to 100 MHz

Real-time sample rate: 2 GSa/sec half channel interleaved, 1 GSa/sec all channel

Memory depth: 20 kpts half channel interleaved, 8 kpts all channels

Channels: 2

Vertical resolution: 8 bits

Vertical sensitivity (range): 2 mV/div to 10 V/div

DC gain accuracy: 2 mV/div to 5 mV/div: 4.0% full scale

                             10 mV/div to 10 V/div:  3.0% full scale

Vertical zoom: Vertical expand

Maximum input voltage: CAT I 300 Vrms, 400 Vpk; transient overvoltage 1.6kVpk

Horizontal modes: Main (Y-T), XY, delayed zoom and roll

Input coupling: DC, AC and ground

Input impedance: 1 MΩ 2% in parallel with 15 pF 

Time scale accuracy: 50 ppm over 1 ms

Acquisition modes: Normal, Averaging, Sequence, Peak detect, Roll

Trigger coupling: AC, DC, LF reject, HF reject

Trigger modes: Force, Edge, Video, Pulse width, Alternate

Trigger sensitivity:

    ≥5 mV/div: 1 div from DC to 10 MHz, 1.5 div from 10 MHz to full bandwidth

    <5 mv="" div:="" 1="" div="" from="" dc="" to="" 10="" mhz="" 1="" 5="" div="" from="" 10="" mhz="" to="" 20="" mhz="" span="">

Auto measurement: Voltage, Time, frequency Counter

Math functions: A+B, A-B, AxB, FFT

AutoScale: yes

Display: 5.7 inch, color QVGA TFT LCD

Save/Recall internal: 10 setups and 10 waveforms

Standard ports: USB 2.0 full-speed up to 12 Mb/sec

Physical size: 30.3 cm W X 15.4 cm H X 13.3 cm

Weight: Net: 2.4 kgs (5.3lbs) Shipping: 3.87 kgs (8.3lbs)

Accessories included: Documentation CD, Pwer cord , 10:1 passive probe for each input

channel 2 pcs

Manufacturer: AKEYSIGHT USA

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