KEYSIGHT 34410A 6 1/2 位高性能数字万用表

DC Voltage: 100.0000 mV- 1000.000 V / 0.0015- 0.003%

AC Voltage True RMS:  100.0000 mV - 750.000 V /0.02%

Resistance: 100.0000 Ω- 1.000000 GΩ / 0.003%

DC Current: 100.0000 μA- 3.000000 A /0.007-0.1%

AC Current True RMS: 100.0000 μA to 3.00000 A /0.1-0.2%

Frequency: 300 kHz /0.005- 0.07%

Capacitance: 1.0000 nF- 10.000 μF /0.4%

Continuity: yes

Diode Test: Yes

Accessories included: Test lead kit with probes and SMT attachments, calibration certificate, power cord, and USB interface cable.



Opt. A6J ANSI Z540 compliant


Probes/Leads/Clip Accessories

11059A Kelvin probe set

11060A Surface mount device (SMD) test probes

11062A Kelvin clip set

34133A Precision electronic test leads

34134A DC coupled current probe

34136A High voltage probe

34138A Test lead set

34171B Input terminal connector

(sold in pairs)

34172B Input calibration short

(sold in pairs)

34308A Thermistor kit

34330A 30 A current shunt

E2308A 5 k thermistor probe

Y1133A Low-thermal external digital multimeter scanning kit

Rack Mount Kits

34190A Rackmount kit: designed for use with only one instrument, mounted

on either the left or the right side of the rack.

34191A 2U dual flange kit: secures the instrument to the front of the rack.

This kit can be used with the 34194A dual lock link kit to mount

two half-width, 2U height instruments side-by side.

34194A Dual lock link kit: recommended for side-by-side combinations and

includes links for instruments of different depths. This kit can be

used with the 34191A 2U dual flange kit to mount two half-width,

2U height instruments side-by-side.

Other Accessories

34131A Hard transit case

34162A Accessory pouch

E5810A LAN/GPIB gateway


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