ITECH IT6006D-500-40 大功率可编程直流电源 (500V, 40A, 6kw)

DC Output Ratings:

Maximum power 6 kW

Maximum Output voltage: 500 V

Maximum Current: 40 A

Feature set:

High power density of 18kW in 3U

Master-slave parallel, the power can be paralleled up to 1.152 MW

High frequency switching structure supports automatic switching between CV and CC

Provides various protections: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, protection of power failure and UVP

Max, Min, Average values of output voltage and current, and it can automatically execute data sequences

Supports data recording function, can continuously record the Power efficiency up to 92%

Supports external data recording function, internal buffing, and the PC will periodically read data from the power supply with sampling intervals down to 10μs

Supports SCPI protocol, built-in Web server


Built-in USB/CAN/LAN/digital IO interface

Optional GPIB, Analog and RS232

Supports SCPI protocol

Build-in Web server

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