INSIZE ISH-BRV 电动数显布氏硬度计


  Rockwell  test  load: 98N preload, 588,    980,  1471N     total  load

  Min. Rockwell  reading: 0.5HR

  Brinell  test  load: 306, 613, 1839N

  Vickers  test  load: 294N

  Stage elevation: manual

  Load  control: manual

  Magnification of microscope: 37.5X/75X  (selectable)

  Max. workpiece height: 180mm

  Max. workpiece depth: 200mm(from  the  center of  indenter)

  Dimension: 546×300×767mm

  Weight: 90kg


Main unit: 1pc

Ø1.5875mm carbide ball  indenter: 1pc

Diamond Rockwell  indenter:1pc

Ø5mm Brinell  indenter:1pc

Ø2.5mm Brinell  indenter: 1pc

Vickers  indenter: 1pc

Ø60mm  flat anvil  for Rockwell : 1pc

Ø150mmflat anvil  for Rockwell: 1pc

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