InfiRay M300 手持式热成像摄像机 (12μm,384×288, -20~550℃)

Detector Type: VOx Uncooled infrared FPA detector

Detector Resolution: 384×288

Spectral Band: 8~14μm

Pixel Pitch : 12μm

NETD: <35mK

Frame Rate: 25Hz

FOV: 43.7°×31.9°

IFOV: 1.98mrad

Focusing Mode: Manual focusing

Measuring Range: -20 ℃~+550 ℃

Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±2℃ or ±2% of the reading (whichever is the greater)

Measurement Tools: Central spot measurement/Hotspot and cold spot tracing

Image Modes: IR, Visible, PIP,Fuse

Palette: 7

Temperature Alarm: Full frame high/low temperature alarm

Secondary Analysis: Equipped with PC and app analysis software for secondary analysis of data

WiFi: Support WiFi data transmission

Screen Size: 3.5” LCD (640×480) touch screen

Laser: Laser pointer

Storage: Standard 32GB SD card

Tripod Support: Yes, at the bottom of the handle

Operating Time: 4h, @25℃ indoor

Charging Time: About 3h, @25℃ indoor

Weight: 670g

Dimensions : 256.4×105.1×102.3mm

Operating Temperature: -10°C~+50°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C~+60°C

Operating Humidity: Relative humidity 10%~95%, non-condensing

Drop Protection: 2m

IP Encapsulation: IP54




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