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HV HIPOT GDYT-30/100 自动局部放电试验 (30kVA; 100kV)

System specification

Power supply: 380V±10%, 60HZ

Rated capacity: 30kVA 

Output voltage: 100kV

Output current: 300mA

Short-circuit impedance: <18%

Operation time: 30mins@100% rated voltage and current.

Continuous working@ 2/3 rated voltage and current.

Wave form distortion rate: <3% when voltage regulator input voltage distortion rate <3%.

PD value: ≤5pC @ 100% rated voltage

Control unit

Power: AC380V±10%, 60Hz

Capacity: 30kVA

Output voltage: AC 0-430V

Rated output current: 75A

HV voltmeter range: 0-100kV

Timing range: 0-999s

Voltage and current accuracy: ≤1.5% (F.S)±2digits

Environment temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

PD-free Gas testing transformer (HV unit)

Rated capacity: 30kVA

Input voltage: 0-400V

Input current: AC 0-75A

Output voltage: AC 0-100kV

Output current: AC 300mA

Voltage accuracy: AC 1.5%

PC value on rated voltage: ≤5pc

Voltage distortion factor: <3%

Insulation dielectric: SF6 gas

Coupling capacitor

Rated frequency: 60Hz

Standard capacitance: 600pF±10%

Rated voltage: 100kV

Voltage ratio: 1000/1

Dielectric loss: <0.5%

Measurement accuracy: 1%

Permitted operation time: Same with testing transformer

PD value: ≤5pc on 100% of rated voltage, ≤3pc on 80% of rated voltage.

Protective resistor

Rated frequency: 60Hz

Rated voltage: 100kV

Resistance: 7kΩ

Rated current: 0.3A

Permitted operation time: Same with testing transformer

Isolation filter LBQ-30kVA

Rated capacity: 30kVA

Rated voltage: 400V

Rated current: 75A

Frequency: 60Hz

Attenuation: 40kHz-100kHz ≥40dB

100kHz-1.5Mhz ≥60dB

Permitted operation time: Same with testing transformer

With L-C filter loop circuit, and built-in filter compensation device.



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