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HV HIPOT GDBR-P 变压器功率分析仪

1. Test items

- RMS of three phase voltage: Uab,Ubc,Uca.

- Average value of three phase AC voltage: Uab,Ubc,Uca.

- RMS of three phase current: Ia,Ib,Ic.

- Percentage of No-load loss and No-load current: Po,Io%.

- Load loss, impedance voltage percentage, short circuit impedance: Pt,ekt,Zt.

- Load loss, impedance voltage percentage and short circuit impedance at any specified temperature.

- Transformer actual capacity and judged capacity.

2. Environment conditions

- Temperature: -5°C-40°C;

- Relative humidity: <95% (25°C);

- Altitude: <2500m;

- External interference: no special strong vibration, no special electromagnetic field;

- External power supply: 220VAC±10%, 45Hz~55Hz;

3. Measurement range

- Capacity:

10kV Oil-immersed, dry type transformer: 30kVA ~ 2500kVA;

35kV Oil-immersed transformer: 50kVA ~ 31500kVA;

20kV Dry type transformer: 50kVA ~ 2500kVA;

35kV Dry type transformer: 50kVA~2000kVA;

-  Voltage: 0 ~ 450V (phase voltage), 0 ~ 800V (line voltage), auto switching range;

-  Current: 0 ~ 100A, auto switching range;

-  Frequency: 45Hz~65Hz;

4. Measurement accuracy

- Voltage: 20~100V, ±0.2%FS; 100~450V, ±(0.2%+3 digit);

- Current: 0.5~10A, ±0.2%FS; 10~100A, ±(0.2%+3 digit);

- Power: ±0.5% (CosΦ>0.1), ±1.0% (0.02<CosΦ<0.1)

5. Insulation strength

- The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input terminals to the enclosure is ≥100MΩ.

- The withstand voltage test between power input terminal and the enclosure is 2kV(RMS) for 1 minutes.



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