Hoyamo MPI-22012 AC/DC Dual-Purpose Magnetic Yoke Flaw Detector (40~200mm)

Volume/weight: 180 x 150 x 48mm/1.6kg

Magnetic pole pitch: 40~200mm

The magnetic pole spacing and angle can be adjusted freely to facilitate the detection of complex workpieces.

LED high-brightness light source, automatically lights up when working: brightness≥1000LUX

Automatic temperature protection to prevent high temperature caused by high voltage use and damage the instrument

Power 1: 220V±10% /50HZ AC power supply, lifting force≥45N

Power source 2: Ultra-light and small high-energy lithium power supply, lifting force ≥177N

Power supply volume/weight: 135 x 70 x 25mm/350g, can work for 2 days

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