HIOKI PW3360-20 钳形功率计

- Measurement line & number of circuits: 50/60 Hz, Single phase 2 wires (1/2/3 circuits), Single phase 3 wires (1 circuit), Three phases 3 wires (1 circuit), Three phases 4 wires (1 circuit), Current only: 1 to 3 channels

- Measurement items:

+ Voltage/current RMS, voltage/current fundamental wave value, voltage / current fundamental wave phase angle, frequency, voltage waveform peak (absolute value), current waveform peak (absolute value), active/reactive/ apparent power, power factor (lag/lead) or displacement power factor (lag/ lead), active energy (consumption, regeneration), reactive energy (consumption, regeneration), active power demand quantity (consumption, regeneration), reactive power demand quantity (lag/lead), active power demand value (consumption, regeneration), reactive power demand value (lag/lead), power factor demand, energy cost

+ Pulse input

+ [PW3360-21 only]: Harmonic (level of voltage/current/power, content ratio, phase angle, total value, THD-F, THD-R), up to 40th order

- Voltage ranges: 600 V AC

- Current ranges (option clamp)

+ 500.00 mA to 5.0000 kA AC (depends on current sensor in use),

+ 50.000 mA to 5.0000 A AC (Leak clamp on sensor only)

- Power ranges            300.00 W to 9.0000 MW (Depends on voltage/current combination and measured line type)

-Basic accuracy          

+ Voltage : ±0.3% rdg. ±0.1% f.s

+ Current : ±0.3% rdg. ±0.1% f.s. + clamp sensor accuracy

+ Active power : ±0.3% rdg. ±0.1% f.s. + clamp sensor accuracy (at power factor = 1)

- Display update rate: 0.5 sec (except when accessing SD card or internal memory, or during LAN/USB communication)

- Save destination: SD Memory card, or internal memory at real time

- Data save interval: 1 sec to 30 sec, 1 minute to 60 minutes, 14 selections

- Save items: Measurement value save: Average only / average, maximum, minimum value

- Screen copy: BMP form (saved every 5 min. at minimum interval time)

- Waveform save: Binary waveform data

- Interfaces:

SD memory card,

HTTP server function, remote settings via communication program, data download

USB 2.0: When connected to a PC, the SD Card and internal memory are recognized as removable storage devices, remote settings via communication program, data download

Pulse output: proportional to active power consumption when measuring integral power consumption, Isolated open-collector signal

- Functions:Connection check, Quick Set navigation guide, clock, pulse input

- Power supply: AC adapter Z1006: (100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz), 40 VA (including AC adapter)

- Battery pack 9459: (DC 7.2 V, 3 VA, charging time 6 hr 10 m), 8 hours of continuous use (with back light off)

- Dimensions, mass     180 mm (7.09 in) W × 100 mm (3.94 in) H × 48 mm (1.89 in) D, 550 g (19.4 oz) without PW9002

- Accessories   Voltage cord L9438-53 ×1 set, AC adapter Z1006 ×1, USB cable ×1, Instruction manual ×1, Measurement guide ×1, Color spiral tubes ×1 set: red, yellow, blue/two each, for color-coding clamp sensors, Spiral tubes for grouping clamp sensor cords ×5

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