Hioki 8970 F/V单元适用于8847

Measurement functions     Number of channels: 2, for voltage input based frequency measurement, rotation, power frequency, integration, pulse duty ratio, pulse width
Input connectors     Isolated BNC connector (input impedance 1 MO, input capacitance 30 pF), Max. rated voltage to earth: 300 V AC, DC (with input isolated from the unit, the maximum voltage that can be applied between input channel and chassis and between input channels without damage)
Frequecy mode     Range: Between DC to 100kHz (minimum pulse width 2±s), 1Hz/div to 5kHz/div (full scale= 20 div), 8 settings
Accuracy: ±0.1% f.s. (exclude 5kHz/div), ±0.7% f.s. (at 5kHz/div)
Rotation mode     Range: Between 0 to 2 million rotations/minute (minimum pulse width 2±s), 100 (r/min)/div to 100k (r/min)/div (full scale= 20 div), 7 settings
Accuracy: ±0.1% f.s. (excluding 100k (r/min)/div), ±0.7% f.s. (at 100k (r/min)/ div)
Power frequecy mode     Range: 50Hz (40 - 60Hz), 60Hz (50 - 70Hz), 400Hz (390 - 410Hz) (full scale= 20 div), 3 settings
Accuracy: ±0.03Hz (exclude 400Hz range), ±0.1Hz (400Hz range)
Integration mode     Range: 2k counts/div to 1M counts/div, 6 settings
Accuracy: ±range/2000
Duty ratio mode     Range: Between 10Hz to 100kHz (minimum pulse width 2±s), 5%/div (full scale=20 div)
Accuracy: ±1% (10Hz to 10kHz), ±4% (10kHz to 100kHz)
Pulse width mode     Range: Between 2±s to 2sec, 500±s/div to 100ms/dv (full scale=20 div)
Accuracy: ±0.1% f.s.
Measurement resolution     1/2000 of range (Integration mode), 1/500 of range (exclude integration, power frequency mode), 1/100 of range (power frequency mode)
Input voltage range and threshold level     ±10V to ±400V, 6 settings, selectable threshold level at each range
Other functions     Slope, Level, Hold, Smoothing, Low-pass filter, Switchable DC/AC input coupling, Frequency dividing, Integration over-range keep/return

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