SNB-1 粘度计数字显示粘度计

Measuring Range: 10~1*105mPa.s

Rotor Speed(r/min):: 6/12/30/60

Measuring Errors: ±2% (F.S) Newtonian Fluid

Dimensiongs: 342mm*434mm*546mm

Net Weight: 9kg


SNB Series Stepless Speed Regulation Digital Display Viscometer is the computerized instrument for measuring the fluid viscosity. The instrument can determine the fluid viscosity automatically and the measuring results can be displayed under the control of the computer. The instrument has adapted the series of MCS-51 micro-computer to control the rotating speed of the step motor and the whole measuring process. This is not only has realized the adjustable continuous rotating speed but also has increased its measuring accuracy. The instrument has the advantage of compact structure, stable working properties and anti-interference feature. The viscosity resistance and the absolute viscosity of the fluid can be measured and the viscometer is widely used in measuring the viscosity of grease, paint, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, adhesive, cosmetics, etc. , it can also be used to determine the viscosity resistance and absolute viscosity of the fluids.

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