FP6510 火焰光度计

General Features:
1) The instrument is capable of measuring three elements at the same time among five elements including Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba;
2) The series of product is comprehensive and the end user can use it directly with preparing gas source of propane, butane and petroleum gas only;
3) Application areas: beverage, chemical manufacturing, clinical detection, agriculture, food detection, mineral extraction, oil industry, petroleum, chemical industry and soil analysis.
Structural Characteristics:
1) Five filters (Na, K, Li, Ca, and Ba) are equipped with five-channel detection function. Three elements can be detected at the same time and the content of three elements can be displayed as well.
2) The touch panel has number keys.
3) Single point calibration. The calibrated curve can be saved in the device.
4) RS232 interface. The device is able to connect extension equipment, such as, computer and printer.
5) A mist separator is provided.
Technical Characteristics:
1) Linear processing: each of the five elements can be processed with the application software; and single point calibration is prepared.
2) Sample injection rate: 4-6ml/min
3) The best measurement range:
  Na: 0 - 100ppm;
  K: 0 - 100ppm;
  Li: 0 - 100ppm;
  Ca: 0-1000ppm;
  Ba: 0 - 3000ppm;
4) Repeatability: when the equipment is stable for about 30mins, the deviation factor is not higher than 3% (the concentration of sample is 100ppm or even less);
5) Detection limit:
  Na: 0.01ppm;
  K: 0.01ppm;
  Li: 0.025ppm;
  Ca: 0.1ppm;
  Ba: 10ppm;
6) Time stability: less than 15s (after the sample is burnt in the flame);
7) Drifting: ≤3% (when the equipment is stable for about 30mins);
8) Linear: better than the median value of optimal result by 2% (single point calibration);
9) Two linear calibration methods: subsection method, and quadric fitting method;
Download E-Manual: http://www.hinotek.com/dmdocuments/manual/flame-photometer/Hinotek-FP640-Flamephotometer-manual.pdf
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