HANNA HI83208-02 高精度多参数(23项)离子浓度测定仪

Manufacture: Hanna
Model: HI83208-02
Warranty: 12 month

Light Source: up to 5 tungsten lamps with different narrow band interference filters.
Light Detector: silicon photocell
Power Supply: external 12 VDC power adapter or built-in rechargeable battery
Environment: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); max 90% RH non-condensing
Dimensions: 235 x 200 x 110 mm
Weight: 0.9 Kg

Parameter: Range/Method/Reagent Code
Ammonia LR: 0.00 to 3.00 mg/L (ppm)/ Nessler/HI 93700-01(Option)
Ammonia MR: 0.00 to 10.00 mg/L (ppm)/ Nessler/HI 93715-01(Option)
Chlorine, Free: 0.00 to 2.50 mg/L (ppm)/ DPD/HI 93701-01(Option)
Chlorine, Total: 0.00 to 3.50 mg/L (ppm)/ DPD/ HI 93711-01(Option)
Copper HR: 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L (ppm)/ Bicinchoninate/ HI 93702-01(Option)
Copper LR: 0 to 1000 µg/L/ Bicinchoninate/ HI 95747-01(Option)
Fluoride: 0.00 to 2.00 mg/L (ppm)/ SPADNS/ HI 93729-01(Option)
Iron HR: 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L (ppm)/ Phenantroline/ HI 93721-01(Option)
Iron LR: 0 to 400 µg/L/ TPTZ/ HI 93746-01(Option)
Manganese HR: 0.0 to 20.0 mg/L (ppm)/ Periodate/ HI 93709-01(Option)
Manganese LR: 0 to 300 µg/L/ PAN/ HI 93748-01
Molybdenum: 0.0 to 40.0 mg/L (ppm)/ Mercaptoacetic Acid/ HI 93730-01(Option)
Nickel HR: 0.00 to 7.00 g/L/ Photometric/ HI 93726-01(Option)
Nickel LR: 0.000 to 1.000 mg/L (ppm)/ PAN/ HI 93740-01(Option)
Nitrate: 0.0 to 30.0 mg/L (ppm)/ Cadmium Reduction/ HI 93728-01(Option)
Oxygen, Dissolved: 0.0 to 10.0 mg/L (ppm)/ Winkler/ HI 93732-01(Option)
pH: 6.5 to 8.5 pH/ Phenol Red/ HI 93710-01(Option)
Phosphate HR: 0.0 to 30.0 mg/L (ppm)/ Amino Acid/ HI 93717-01(Option)
Phosphate LR: 0.00 to 2.50 mg/L (ppm)/ Ascorbic Acid/ HI 93713-01(Option)
Phosphorus: 0.0 to 15.0 mg/L (ppm)/ Amino Acid/ HI 93706-01(Option)
Silica: 0.00 to 2.00 mg/L (ppm)/ Heteropoly blue/ HI 93705-01(Option)
Silver: 0.000 to 1.000 mg/L (ppm)/ PAN/ HI 93737-01(Option)
Zinc: 0.00 to 3.00 mg/L (ppm)/ Zincon/ HI 93731-01(Option)
Order Information: HI 83208-01 (115V), HI 83208-02 (230V) and HI 83208-03 (AUS plug) are supplied with sample cuvettes with caps (2 ea.), cloth for wiping cuvettes, 60 mL glass bottle for dissolved oxygen analysis, scissors, AC/DC power adapter and instruction manual

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