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GOTT GOTT-PKNX-01 便携式 KNX 培训实验套

  • 制造商:GOTT
    Model: GOTT-PKNX-01
    P/N: 785-766
    来源: Malaysia
    保障: 12 Month
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Upper Side 

• 5 LEDs with 2x 4mm power supply terminals simulating: 

Garden lighting, Kitchen lighting, Dining room lighting, Living room lighting and Room lighting 1 60W wall light for lighting variation and power measurement 

• 1 "Up and Down Roller Shutter LEDs with 4x 4mm power supply terminals 

• 1 pushbutton 2 keys with LED 

• 1 push button 4 keys with LED 

▪ 1 roller shutter actuator 

• 1 thermostat 

Lower Side 

• 1 USB Interface for programming 

• 1 BUS supply 320mA. 

• 1 actuator 2x digital outputs supply for convector (16A) 

• 1 actuator 2x digital outputs lighting supply (10A) 

• 1 230V mains socket 

• 1 Ph circuit breaker with its 30mA residual current block 

• 1 socket with switch + protection for connecting the 230V mains cable. 


• To learn about the Home Automation environment of an electrical installation 

• To learn about and study the features of a KNX home automation installation 

• To understand the specifications of an electrical installation 

• To produce electrical diagrams 

• To configure the KNX components 

• Installing The Ets 5 Lite for KNX Project


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




By using this trainer, trainees can learn about KNX building automation technology quickly and easily with this simple, intuitive model. This instructional solution enables acquisition and validation of the skills for the diploma in Electricity and Connected Environments, in a simple home automation environment. 

These trainer is made up of a set of KNX modules adapted for training purposes. They are designed for controlling functions such lighting, heating, blinds and sockets in commercial buildings. 

The KNX Training System solution is a standard familiarization package for the most common functions and can be used to highlight how much easier it is to set up compared to traditional wiring 


• Portable KNX Training System 

• Delivered with ETS 5 Lite software 

• Layout diagram of the components 

• Electrical wiring diagram 

• KNX installation programming

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