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GOTT GOTT-BPMT-01 血压测试培训套装

  • 制造商:GOTT
    Model: GOTT-BPMT-01
    P/N: 200-401
    来源: Malaysia
    保障: 12 Month
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• High definition color TFT display, strong visibility 

• Compact and portable, friendly interface, easy to use 

• Communicate with PC, PC software can achieve data review, analysis measure results, seeing trend graph, printing reports and other functions 

• Automatic measure and manual measure 

• Circuit Block Diagram of Blood Pressure Measurement 

• Electrical Test Points 

• Fault Simulation


• Understanding Blood Pressure Tester Unit 

• Block Diagram And Blood Pressure Control Button Explanation 

• Operating The Blood Pressure Training Unit 

• Power Button Familiarization

• Air Pump Familiarization 

• Signal Conditioning Familiarization 

• LCD and Led Backlight Familiarization 

• Audio Power Amplifier Familiarization


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




GOTT-BPMT-01 is designed to demonstrate the operation, theory, repair and servicing of Blood Pressure Measurement equipment that used at clinics & hospitals. The unit is given the fault diagnosis so as to facilitate the teaching of trouble shooting techniques. A fault simulator is provided with circuit block diagram of the device for the students to study theoretically and experimentally in order to understand the operation of the device. 

The fault is activated by button that disables or create malfunction of certain circuit or components so that the device become faulty. Based on the symptoms and the signal at the test points, the students then do the troubleshooting exercise to find the faulty circuit or components. After locating the failure, the fault can be reset, and then the device work normally. 


• Real Blood Pressure Measurement unit 

• High quality industrially accepted component 

• Bold color identification of circuits 

• Designed to simulate common faults 

• Detailed instruction & experiment manual

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