FLIR E50BX 建筑用红外热像仪(240×180红外分辨率)

  • Higher quality IR at 43,200 pixel (240 × 180) resolution
  • 3.1 megapixel digital visible light camera with lamp
  • FLIR Wi-Fi app connectivity to Apple and Android mobile devices
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.045°C
  • Scalable Picture-in-Picture
  • DeltaT temperature difference function
  • 4× digital zoom
  • Thermal fusion to blend IR with visible light images
  • 3 moveable spots and 3 box areas
  • Voice & text annotation
  • MPEG 4 video recording
  • MeterLink via Bluetooth to clamp and moisture meters
  • 3.5” touch-screen LCD
  • Manual focus
  • 60 Hz image frequency
  • Auto/manual level span adjustments
  • Temperature calibration standard at 250°C
  • Isotherm and automatic hot/cold detection marker
  • Dewpoint and insulation alarms
  • Radiometric and non-radiometric IR video streaming
  • Laser pointer
  • Composite video and USB-mini outputs
  • FLIR Tools software for camera updates



E-Series Features

Presenting the best performance and value in compact thermal imaging cameras ever, designed to fit beautifully into your IR inspection program, budget, and the palm of your hand.

Improved Digital Camera –

3 megapixel resolution provides clearest visible light pictures in its class and includes bright LED lamp that doubles as a flashlight

New! Large Landscape Touchscreen –
Brighter than other brands, the E-Series bx touchscreen provides an intuitive interface that takes full advantage of the entire 3.5” display with no image cropping
  • Superior Thermal Imaging – Up to 76,800 pixels (320 × 240) for better long-range accuracy and the highest level of point & shoot camera IR resolution
  • Convenient Digital Camera – Every E-Series bx provides clear visible light pictures to reference with thermal images for stronger documentation; also includes bright LED lamp that doubles as a  ashlight
  • Large Landscape Touchscreen – Brighter than other brands, the E-Series bx touchscreen provides an intuitive interface that takes full advantage of the entire 3.5” display with no image cropping
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Send images and data to an Apple or Android mobile device to create and share reports and critical information quickly using new FLIR Wi-Fi apps
  • Laser Pointer – Pinpoints a reference spot with a laser and aligns a marker to it on the image for precise detection
  • Accurate Temperature Measurements – Accuracy calibrated within 2% or +/– 2°C to meet the standard you can always trust FLIR to deliver
  • Scalable P-i-P and Thermal Fusion – Overlay thermal and visible images for easy location identification and clearer documentation
  • Multiple Measurements – Add up to 3 box areas and 3 moveable spots using the touchscreen to gather more detailed temperature information
  • MeterLink – Measure more than temperature with your camera by connecting clamp and moisture meters directly to the E-Series bx for annotating thermal images to further support  ndings and decisions
  • Annotation – Add voice comments via Bluetooth headset and text notes from the touchscreen keypad
  • InstantReport – Generate a professional PDF document directly from the camera right on site
Plenty of Extras –
Small, light, and rugged with large, backlit, easy to operate buttons, 6 palette choices, and more


Wi-Fi Connectivity to Mobile Devices
Download the new FLIR Viewer App from the Apple Store to your iPad or iPhone and link to E-Series cameras via Wi-Fi. Transfer images to your mobile device, then use it to add further measurement spots, readjust span and level, change palettes, create reports, and email findings to decision makers easily. It’s an efficient way to make a big impact.


Be sure you’re getting critical electrical load readings so you make the right call. Quantify the severity of electrical problems with MeterLink-enabled clamp meters that use Bluetooth wireless communication to send data to the FLIR camera for annotation on stored thermal images. Contact FLIR to learn about other tools that connect with MeterLink.


Create professional reports on board your camera with InstantReport. FLIR’s analysis software has always offered professional results and been easy to use. Now create reports without a PC! InstantReport includes thermal and visual images along with your measurement tools and text & sketch annotations in a standard PDF document that’s easy to share right from the touchscreen.

Unmatched Warranty –
FLIR’s exclusive Double Diamond warranty covers the whole camera for 2 years, the battery for 5 years, and the detector for 10 full years. No one but FLIR can offer peace of mind like this because no one but FLIR builds their own detectors.

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