EXTECH TKG250 带有彩色波形的数字超声波测厚仪/数据记录仪

Thickness Range (in Steel):

5MHz probe 0.040 to 20" (1.0 to 508mm);

10MHz probe:  0.030 đến 2” (0.76 to 50.8mm) Option

Languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, German, Portuguese, Slovak, Finnish, and Hungarian

Hold Mode Holds display to retain last thickness reading with reverse video display

Freeze Mode Freezes display (ideal for high temperature readings)

Fast Min/Max Mode Displays min or max and actual thickness value at 20 measurements/sec

Units Inches/Millimeters/Microseconds

Alarms Min/Max depth, beeps and display flashes as well as keypad illumination;  vibrate

Illuminating Keypad F1 = Red, F2 = Yellow, F3 = Green for easy, go/no-go testing

Gain - Variable adjustment: In 1dB steps from 20-90dB or Automatic Gain Control (ACG) for waveform

B-Scan - Displays a cross section of the test piece: Encoded or Non-Encoded - displays with optional encoder

Echo to Echo: Measure the metal thickness only (Paint & coatings do not affect base material thickness value)

Differential Mode: Displays the difference from the actual thickness measurement and a user entered reference value

Velocity Mode: Displays acoustic sound speed

Datalogger: Records 100K readings in linear, 2D, 3D grid or boiler alphanumeric files, 20 character file name, export to excel via Extech XPorter interface program, also compatible with Ultrapipe. TKG250 also has fi le compare and grid review features

- Range: Adjustment of manual range control or auto zoom tracking to center echoes independent of selected range

Rectification Modes: RF, Half Wave Positive, Half Wave Negative and Full Wave Rectification

- Live Waveform (A-Scan): Full adjustments for gain in 1dB step or AGC, main bang blank, blank after

first received echo, range including zoom auto tracking to center echoes independent of material and rectifi cation

Battery Life: 8 to 14hrs (depends on operating conditions)

All models include 2oz bottle of couplant, 2 AA batteries, Transducer (5MHz, 0.375" diameter ) with potted cable, and hard case. TKG150 and TKG250 also include protective holster, Echo to Echo, B-Scan, USB cable, and Extech XPorter software.

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