EXTECH HD755 差压压力计 (34mbar)

Psi: 0.5psi /0.001psi /±0.3%FS

Mbar: 34.47mbar /0.01mbar /±0.3%FS

kPa: 3.447kPa /0.001kPa /±0.3%FS

inHg: 1.018inHg /0.001inHg /±0.3%FS

mmHg: 25.86mmHg /0.01mmHg /±0.3%FS

ozin2: 8.00ozin2 /0.01ozin2 /±0.3%FS

ftH2O: 1.154ftH2O /0.001ftH2O/ ±0.3%FS

cmH2O: 2.59cmH2O /0.01cmH2O /±0.3%FS

kgcm2: 0.035kgcm2 /0.001kgcm2 /±0.3%FS

bar: 0.034bar /0.001bar /±0.3%FS

Dimensions: 210 x 75 x 50mm

Weight: 280g

Includes Windows® compatible software with cable, 9V battery, two connection hoses, 100V-240V switching AC Adaptor, and hard carrying case

Manuafacturer: Extech - USA

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