EMCTD IM-MU 绝缘调制解调器

• Mounts at the bottom of RFP-05M meter.

• Plugs into USB port for PC communication.

• Dual ST fiber optic connectors.

• Optical isolation prevents RF coupling.

• Allows USB charging of RFP-05M battery.

• Lightpipe shows the charging LED status.

• IM doesn't need any additional power supply.

• All functions of the modem are fully automatic, and controllable from the meter software menu.

• Small size (WxHxD): 3x1.5x1 inch, 76x38x25 mm.

• Weight: 0.2 lb, 100 g.

• IM Comes in the following configurations:

IM-MU (USB only, connects to meter),

• Choose IM-MU for all applications requiring RF isolated USB powering, battery charging and communication.



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