DRAMINSKI GMDM 谷物水分测试仪/ 数字显示

Technical data

Dimensions   19.0 x 15.0 x 12.5 cm
Weight   1752 g (with the dosage tube) , 1590 g (without the dosage tube)
Display   LCD display, alfanumeryczny 2×16 characters
Power   Nickel-Cadmium battery -1000 mAh
Battery low indication   signaled automatically
Current intensity   ~ 20 mA
Working time   about 45 hours
Working and storing temperature   min. +5°C, max.+45°C
Accuracy   ± 0,8% in the range up to 10% ± 0,4% in the range higher than 10%
(for maize ± 0,9% in the range up to 10%, ± 0,5 % of measured value +
Temperature compensation   automatic in the rande from 10 to 35 °C

High accuracy is guaranteed by a special software and integrated electronic scales, which accounts for the impact of grain ripeness and variability of specific species to the measurement result.

High class of measurement accuracy was confirmed by type approval issued by the Central Office of Measures. Before the approval was issued, hundreds of comparative studies with the use of laboratory method were conducted in the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology in Warsaw.

The meter is prepared to obtain a certificate of calibration in the Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology in Warsaw, which certificate authorizes settlement of the grain train.


Why should you have it?

  • it has an integrated weighting system significantly increasing measurement accurateness
  • average measurement accurateness below 0.5% for normalized grain
  • it measures the standard mass per storage volume of grain (kg/hl)
  • it is easy to use
  • it has a semi-automatic dispenser for filling in the measuring chamber
  • it has efficient rechargeable battery packs


It is programmed for the following species:

  • rape (4% – 20%)
  • rye (9% – 24%)
  • common wheat (9% – 24%)
  • quality wheat (9% – 24%)
  • triticale (9% – 24%)
  • spring barley (9% – 24%)
  • oat (9% – 24%)
  • corn (9% – 24%)



Office of the Committee for European Integration has awarded Dramiński the “European Medal” for the Grain moisture and Density Meter in the 2nd edition of the competition.

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