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Advanced Energy Rapid OX 远程等离子源 (500W ~ 6000W)

- Plasma Power Range: 500W ~ 6000W with power leveling capability within the power supply impedance range
- Process Applications: Remote delivery of gases for downstream chamber cleaning, reactive etching processes, and reactive deposition processes
- Ignition: 100 mTorr ~ 1 Torr of Oxygen and Nitrogen up to 4 SLM (90% O2 and 10% N2)
- Chemical Compatibility: This unit is intended for use with selected gases such as Ar, O2, H2, N2, F2, H2O, NF3 or O2:CxFy
- Consumables: No consumables under O2 and N2 operation
- Flows, Dilutions and Pressure
Range during Operation:
The verified operating flow range of the unit is 0.2 ~ 4 SLM of pure O2, and O2 with a 10% N2 between 100 mTorr and 4 Torr.
Other gas pressure / flow combinations may be permitted but must be approved by Advanced Energy prior to use.
- RF Frequency: 250 ~ 665 kHz
- Power Accuracy: Referenced at plasma load +/- 5% or 200 W whichever is greater
- Operational Load Limits:
Minimum power: 500 W
Maximum power: 600 W
Maximum plasma voltage: 325 Vrms
Minimum plasma current: 5 Arms
Maximum primary current: 120 Arms
- Dimensions:
35.3 cm (H) x 41.5 cm (W) x 39.2 cm (D)
14" (H) x 16.5" (W) x 15.5" (D)
- Weight: 37.6 kg (83 lb)



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