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INSIZE XRF-PT230 X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer/Film Thickness Gage (0.01-80μm; 2ppm-99%)

Coating layer analysis: 

+ Elemental analysis range: Li (3)-U (92)

+ Detection limit: 0.005µm

+ Content analysis range: 0.01-80μm (detection limit for different elements is different) 0.1μm (<1pm thin outer coating)

+ Repeatability: 0.1pm (<1pm thin outer coating)

+ Stability: 0.1pm (<1pm thin outer coating)

Composition analysis

+ Elemental analysis range: S (16)-U (92)

+ Detection limit: 2ppm

+ Content analysis range: 2ppm-99%

+ Repeatability: 0.1%

+ Stability: 0.1%

EFP alaorithm: standard configuration

Measuring time: 5-300s

Detector: Si-Pin semiconductor detector

X-ray source: micro-focusing X-ray tube

Collimator: Standard: $0.3mm (40.5mm, 40.3mm, 40.2mm, 0.1×0.3mm) four collimators optional, customized acceptable

Spot diffusivity: <10%

Camera: 1/2.7 color CCD, zoom function

Measure distance: zoom lens 0-30mm

Focus method: high-sensitivity lens, manual focus

Enlargement factor: optical magnification 38-46X, digital magnification 40-200X 

Max sample height: 210mm

XY stage: manual high-precision XY stage 

Available moving range: 50mmx50mm

Operating environment: 15-30°C, <70%RH

Power: AC220V, 50Hz, 95W

Dimension (LxWxH):545x380×435mm

Weight: 48kg


Main unit: 1pc

Computer: 1pc

Printer: 1pc

Accessory box: 1pc

Twelve element plate: 1pc

Standard plate: 2pcs*


Electroplating solution measuring cup: XRF-PT230-MC

Solution Test Membrane: XRF-PT230-SF



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