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Dakota CX2 Material Thickness Gauge (0.63 - 500mm)

Measurement Range1:

Pulse Echo (PE): 0.63 - 500mm (0.025 - 19.999”)

Echo Echo ThruPaint™ (EE): -

Velocity Mode (VM):- 

Measurement Accuracy2

Pulse Echo (PE): 

±0.1mm (0.63-19.99mm)

±0.5% (20.00-500.00mm)

Echo Echo ThruPaint™ (EE): ±0.1mm (2.54-25.4mm)

Operating Temperature: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)

Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries

Battery Life3: Alkaline: 15 hours Lithium: 28 hours

Gauge Weight: 210g (7.4oz) - including batteries. without transducer

Gauge Dimensions: 145 x 73 x 37mm (5.7 x 2.84 x 1.46”). without transducer

Packing List: Dakota CX2 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge; 5MHz ¼” right angle dual element transducer (TXC5M00CP-4); ultrasonic couplant. carry pouch; screen protector. wrist harness; 2 x AA batteries; operating instructions; test certificate



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