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Biuged BGD 630 내마모성 시험기 (10±0.1 N)

■ Motor Power:50W  110V~220V  50/60Hz

■ Rubbing Pressure:10±0.1 N (abrasive head,1pc);10±0.1 N (additional weight,1pc)

■ Rubbing Speed:(5-95)times/min.(stepless speed regulation)

■ Rubber Pads Size: 25mm (L) x 50 mm (W)x 8mm (H)

■ Rubber Pads Hardness: 50Hs~53Hs

■ Rubber Medium:80g/m2 clean coated paper, the width is 50mm

■ Rubbing Distance:60mm

   (We also can offer special rubbing distance as 100mm,120mm and 155mm)

■ Settable Rubbing Times: 0~9.999

■ Suitable Specimen Size: 300 mm (L) x 60 mm (W)

■ Overall Dimension:275mm×305mm×340mm (length by width by height)

■ Weight:15KG



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