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Biuged BGD 575 Microcomputer Table Electronic Tensile Machine (1%~100% FS)

■ Max. Capacity (Optional):50N、100N、200N、500N、1000N、2000N、5000N  

■ Precision Grade:Grade 1  

■ Measuring Range of Test Force:1%~100% FS (Full Range)  

■ The Indicated Error of Test Force:≤±1%

■ The Resolution of Test Force:±1/250000 of Max. Force (There is no grade in the whole pr℃ess, and keep the constant resolution throughout the whole pr℃ess.)  

■ The Error of Indicated Displacement:≤±0.2% (Indicating Value)  

■ The Resolution of Displacement:0.015mm  

■ The Valid Width of Test:120mm  

■ The Range of Tensile Speed:100~500 mm/min (Adjustable)   

■ The Valid Length of Tensile (Excluding Clamp Holder):1100mm 

■ External Dimensions:570mm×410mm×1800mm(L×W×H)  

■ Weight:150 KG  

■ Power Supply:220V/50Hz         

■ Power:400 W  



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