SHINING 3D iSLA-350 3Dプリンタ (350x350x300mm, 120g/h)

Material: 355 nm photosentitive resin

Build volume: 350x350x300 mm

Layer thickness: 0.05 mm-0.2 mm to choose

Build accuracy: ±0.1 mm (within 100 mm) or ±0.1% (more than100 mm)

Printing Speed: 120 g/h to choose

Laser Source: 355 nm

Facula Size: <0.2 mm; around 0.1 mm

Facula Correction: Dynamic focusing

Scanning Speed: 10 m/s maximum

Heating Method: PTC heating panel

Power Supply: 220v50 Hz

Power: 3 kw

Dimension: 900x1100x1600 mm

Weight: Around 600 kg (resin included)



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  • オリジナル保証
  • 宅配便
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