NI PCI-5122 Oscilloscope Device (PCI, 2 Channels, 100 MS/s, ±10 V, 8 MB/ch)

Bus Connector: PCI

Oscilloscope Maximum Bandwidth: 100 MHz

Maximum Sample Rate: 100 MS/s

Number of Voltage Input Channels: 2

Analog Input Resolution: 14 bits

Oscilloscope Onboard Memory Size: 8 MB/ch

Analog Input Voltage Range: -10 V to 10 V

Onboard Digital Downconverter: No

Enclosed: Yes


Acquires and analyzes time‐ and frequency-domain analog waveforms.

Oscilloscope Devices are flexible, software‐defined instruments that are versatile enough for both time‐ and frequency‐domain measurements and are offered in industry-standard form factors like PCI and USB. They feature up to eight channels that can sample at speeds up to 2 GS/s. The devices also feature numerous triggering modes, deep onboard memory, and driver software API that includes data streaming and analysis functions.


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