KOPPACE KP-DS220 測定顕微鏡 (9X-60X)

Optical Enlargement: 9X-60X

Field Range: 37mm-67mm

Zoom lens: 0.7X-4.5X Continuously Adjustable

Optical Ratio: 0.12X-0.8X

Working Distance: 220mm

Auxiliary lens: 1X/220mm

Depth of  Field: 2mm-47mm

Focusing bracket: Focusing handwheel tightness is adjustable,lifting range 50mm

Pillar aperture 32mm

Column length: 500mm

Lens aperture: 50mm

Base Plate size: 400X300X8.6mm

Diffuse LED light Source: 70*4=280pcs (SMD 3014 light-emitting diode) consists of 4 groups of length 95MM, width 36MM, height: 16MM strip light combination, AC110—240V, 12V, output power: 20W, working distance: 40~135MM

Interface: HDMI

Pixels: 8.3 Million Pixel 4K

Resolution: 3840X2160,7680 X4320

Camera and video resolution: 3840 x 2160

Like yuan size: 2.0μm x 2.0μm

Sensor size: 1/1.8

Data bits: 12bit

Exposure method: Line by line exposure

Output frame rate: 60FPS

Output color: Color

Packing List:

0.7X-4.5X zoom lens *1 (with magnification lock function)

Four-sided LED light source *1

Light source control box *1

Column and bottom plate *1

Focusing frame *1

8.3 million pixel 4K microscope camera *1

HDMI HD cable *1

Camera power adapter *1

Calibration scale *1

Gigabit network cable *1



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