Hoyamo PHR-8-4 C型ロックウェル硬さ試験機 (200 x 200mm)

Opening Size: 200 x 200mm

Initial Test Force: 10 kgf

Total Test Force: 60 kgf, 100 kgf, 150 kgf

Test Head:

120°Diamond Indenter

1.588 mm carbide  alloy ball

Testing Resolution: 0.5HR

Indication Error: Complying with ISO6508,ASTM E18 standards

Repeatability Error: Complying with ISO6508,ASTM E18 standards

Test Range: HRA, HRB, HRC…HRV etc, 15 scales.

Dimension: 710x470x200mm

Weight/ Weight/ Gross Weight: 4kg/10.7kg

Application Range: Common metal including iron and steel, copper, aluminum

Standard Delivery:

  • Instrument Main Body

  • 120° Diamond Indenter

  • V Anvil

  • Carrying Case

  • Warranty Card / Qualified Certificate

  • Rockwell Hardness Block

  • 1.588 mm Carbide Alloy Ball Indenter

  • Flat Anvil

  • Operation Manual

  • Packing List



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