Hoyamo PHR-2 プロックウェル硬さ試験機 (50 x 50mm)

Opening Size & Dimension Requirement: 50 x 50mm

Initial Test Force: 10 kgf

Total Test Force: 60 kgf, 100 kgf, 150 kgf

Test Head:

120°Diamond Indenter

1.588 mm carbide  alloy ball

Testing Resolution: 0.5HR

Indication Error: Complying with ISO6508,ASTM E18 standards

Repeatability Error: Complying with ISO6508,ASTM E18 standards

Test Range: HRA, HRB, HRC…HRV etc, 15 scales.

Dimension: 390x280x160mm

Weight/ Weight/ Gross Weight: 1.2 kg/3.7 kg

Application Range: Common metal including iron and steel, Cu, Al, Ni, Ti, Pb, carburized layer and hard alloy, etc.

Standard Delivery:

  • Instrument Main Body

  • 120° Diamond Indenter

  • Bench Stand

  • V Anvil

  • Carrying Case

  • Extensions

  • Warranty Card / Qualified Certificate

  • Rockwell Hardness Block

  • 1.588 mm Carbide Alloy Ball Indenter

  • Flat Anvil

  • Operation Manual

  • Packing List



Test thin, small, long and irregular parts

Test standard parts, hardware and cutter etc.

Test inner and outer surface hardness of steel pipe directly.

Very suitable for parts with small bearing face(e.g. small stamping)

Match different anvils, test irregular parts.


Small and light. Min weight 0.8 kg

Operation as simple as micrometer.

Convenient. Used on table or take off.

Reliable. Designed by Rockwell hardness test method.

As accurate as desk testers. Complying with ISO 6508 and ASTM E18.

Traceable standard block.

Traceable test force.

Certificated indenter by standard Rockwell hardness tester.

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