Hoyamo PHR-100 磁気ロックウェル硬さ試験機 (10 kgf, 0.5 HR)

Initial Test Force: 10 kgf

Total Test Force: 60 kgf, 100 kgf, 150 kgf

Test Head: 120°diamond indenter, 1.588 mm carbide alloy ball

Testing Resolution: 0.5 HR

Indication Error: Complying with ISO6508,ASTM E18 standards

Repeatability Error: Complying with ISO6508,ASTM E18 standards

Weight/ Gross Weight: 4.7 kg/13.5 kg

Nominal Dimension: 510x420x260mm


Flat:  Area≥180 mm×60 mm; Thickness≥5 mm           

Cylinder: Diameter≥60 mm; Lenghth≥200 mm; Thickness≥8 mm

Standard Delivery:

  • Instrument Main Body

  • 120° Diamond Indenter

  • Seat Iron

  • Carrying Case

  • Warranty Card / Qualified Certificate

  • Rockwell Hardness Block

  • 1.588 mm Carbide Alloy Ball Indenter

  • Operation Manual

  • Packing List



Fix Rockwell test head to the surface of iron and steel parts to test the hardness by applying magnetic force. Follow Rockwell hardness test method completely and the test condition complies with standard of ISO 6508 and ASTM E18.

Apply in on-site quick test body hardness of steel parts. Test steel plate, steel pipe, axis, mould, huge forgings and huge and medium-size heat treatment parts if surface available. Test hardness of weld joint in boiler, pressure vessels, and pressure pipes.

Replace low accurate and reliable Leeb hardness testers.


Attach to one side of part to test, no need to move it.

Quick, convenient, no damage test.

Similar reading system as micrometers, easy to read, and good repeatability.

Rather high accuracy, complying with ISO 6508 and ASTM E18.

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