Hoyamo HTX-20 2ギアズーム実体顕微鏡 (20X / 40X)

Observation Head: 45°decline, 360°rotate, Pupil distance 54---76mm, Unilateral diopter adjustment ±5°

Eyepiece: Standard WF10X20,High angle wide angle eyepiece, provide convenience for observers wearing glasses

Optional eyepiece: WF10X/20mm,WF15X15,WF20X10,WF25X9,WF30X8

Magnification: Standard Amplification Rate 20X/40X Can selec other eyeglasses and objective lenses Scalable 10X---120X fixed zoom

Objective: Shift zoom objective combination 2X/4X, 1X/2X, 1X/3X

Auxiliary Objective: 0.5X,0.75X,1X,2X (Optional)

Working Distance: 100mm

Focusing Bracket: 76mm diameter, 32mm pole size

Stand: TO column type small flat base (Standard) Other base can be selected, see the base series for details

Illumination: Optional LED Illumination

Plate: Black/ White plate

Dimension: 200mm(W)X273mm(D)X280mm(H)


Production Feature:

Unique optic design;

With long working distance and field of depth;

Horizontal zoom knob, easy operation;

Widely used for medical service, agriculture, geology, electronic precision mechanical industry and department.

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