Hoyamo HQG-80 Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine (80mm, 3 phase)

Spindle speed: 2800r/min

Cutting discspecification: Φ250mm×2mm×32mm

MAX cutting diameter: 80mm

Dimension: 690mm×740mm×670mm

Power supply: Three phase four line(380V/50HZ)


The machine is suitable for cutting various metal, non-metallic materials, in order to observe the material metallographic core organization. The machine has cooling device so aso to take away the heat produced during the cutting. It is easy to use for users. It is an ideal equipments for factories, scientific research institution and colleges and universities laboratory.

  • 良質な取り決め
  • オリジナル保証
  • 宅配便
  • 買い取り簡単化