Hoyamo HQG-201 金属組織真空コールドマウンティングマシン (500-3000rpm, Cutting Diameter Φ 30mm)

Cutting method: manual/automatic, spindle feed or platform feed

Feed speed: manually controlled/automatically adjustable 1-36mm/min (Adjustment step length is 0.1mm/min)

Cutting sheet size: Φ180×0.8×Φ22mm

Maximum cutting diameter: Φ 30mm

Maximum stroke: spindle stroke 140mm, platform stroke 230mm

Spindle speed: 500-3000r/min

Motor power: 1.2kW

Cutting platform size: 245×415mm, 8mm T-slot

Cutting fixture: Quick fixture, jaw height 45mm; vertical fixture, opening 27mm

Display and control: 5.7 inch touch screen display and control

Power input: single phase 220V, 50Hz, 8A

Water pump flow: 16L/min

Dimensions: 620×740×380mm

Net weight: 80kg

Standard configuration:

  • Host

  • Cutting disc

  • Cutting fluid

  • Stay wrench

  • Allen wrench

  • Vertical fixture

  • Power cable

  • Manual

  • Certificate of conformity



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