Hoyamo HMP-3 ダブルコントロール研削および研磨機 (50-1000 rpm)

Working voltage: 220V 50HZ

Diameter of grinding and polishing disc: φ203mm

Speed: 50-1000 rpm

Four-speed fixed speed 250/500/750/1000 rpm

Motor: YSS7124, 550W

Product size: 710×670×330mm

Packing size: 800×800×430mm

Weight: 50kg

Package weight: 65kg


Production feature:

This grinding and polishing machine is a dual-disc, dual-motor, dual-control type, which can be operated by two people at the same time, and the two control boards can control the motors separately. It is suitable for pre-grinding, grinding and polishing operations of metallographic samples. This machine has stepless speed regulation and four-speed fixed speed, which can directly obtain the speed between 50-1000 rpm, and can also quickly set the speed 250/500/750/1000 rpm, so that the machine has a wider range of applications Sex. This machine is equipped with a cooling device, which can cool the sample during pre-grinding to prevent damage to the metallographic structure due to overheating of the sample. The machine is easy to use, safe and reliable, and is an ideal sample preparation equipment for factories, scientific research units and laboratories.

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