Hoyamo HLL-1530 デジタルユニバーサル試験機 (5KN)

Structural Form: Gate Type

Max. Testing Force (KN): 5KN

Operation Mode: Digital LCD Displayer

Measuring Range: 2%-100% of the maximum testing force

Relative Error on Indicated Values of Testing Force: Better Than ±1% of the Indicated Value

Error on Deformation Display: ±1% (Optional ±0.5%)

Min. Force Resolution: 0.01N

Displacement Precision: ±1% (±0.5% Optional)

Deformation Accuracy: Better than ±1% (±0.5% Optional)

Speed Governing Range: 1-500mm/min

Testing Travelling Distance: >600 mm (can be customized according to needs)

Testing Space Adjusting Mechanism: AC Servo Motor, Drive by Synchronous Belt

Carried Standard: GB/T2611, ISO,ASTM,DIN

Protection Function: Overload Protection, Limit Protection

Power Supply: 220V

Weight (Approximate KG): 35KG/75KG

Clamp Type: Each One Piece of Standard Clamp for Tension Test and Compression Test (Optional Clamp If Needed;Special Clamp Can Also Be Customized for Customers)



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