Hoyamo AGP-1000 自動研削盤/研磨機 (100-1000rpm)

Wheel (mm): Ø254

Speed(rpm): 100-1000rpm,can be customized

Wheel: 1

Motor: 550W

Mode: Automatic

Speed of head(rpm): 50-200

Holder(mm): Φ30x6,other can be customized

Pressure: Individual Piston

Motor of Head: 90W

Power: 220V



●  Simple operation for grinding and polishing;

●   Variable speed. Preset three fast speed buttons;

●   Adjustable piston pressure polishing head for polishing 1-6 specimens independent of each other;

●   CCW and CW direction control

●   The water hose with universal direction can be pulled out for cleaning the basin;

●   Plastic disposable bowl liner for ease of cleaning;

●   Hard anodized aluminum working wheel;

●   Durable composite construction, antirust;

●   Powder coated aluminum housing, durable and reliable.

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