GlobeCore Mohave Heat 4 熱風乾燥ユニット (150 m³/h, 90±15°С)

Dry air capacity: 150m³/h

Dry air dew point: -50°С

Dry air pressure: 0.25 bar

Max dry air temperature: 90±15°С

Adsorbent load: 190kg

Number of adsorbers cartridges: 2

Zeolite regeneration temperature: 430°С

Air heater power: 24kW

Power consumption: 

- Air drying (normal operating mode): 5.5kW

- Regeneration adsorbent in one cartridge: 30kW

- Regeneration adsorbent in two cartridges: 55kW

Electric power supply parameters: fully customizable

Output air temperature for regeneration of adsorbent in external equipment: 430°С

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1500x1200x2100mm

Weight: 1050kg



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