Yasuda 173-S Enameled Wire Softening Point Tester

Specimen: Round wire(Crossing Method),Flat wire(Steel Ball Method)

Hangings: Max. 12 Hangings(4 Hangings × 3ch)

Temperature Range: Max.400℃

Heating Rate: 2℃/min

Test Load: Initial Load 100g to Max. Load 2,600g

Transformer: Voltage: 100 ± 10V, Short Circuit Current: 5 ± 1 mA (Max. Ampair: 50 mA)

Data Processing: Desktop PC (OS: Windows 10) PC Rack,Printer, Software included

Safety Device: Leakage Breaker, Overheat Detection, insulated Safety Cover (Pinch Prevention)

Power Source: 

+ Main Body: AC 200 V, 1-Phase, 50 A, 50/60 Hz 

+ For PC: AC 100 V, 1-Phase, 15 A or less, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions/ Weight (Approx.): W1, 800 × D750 × H2,000 mm/ 550kg



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