Tsunoda NP-150HG Slant Edge Cutting Pliers (150mm)

Overall length: 157mm
Head width: 15mm
Head thickness: 17mm
Handle width: 50mm
Nose length: 23mm
Edge length: 25mm
Hole diameter: 1.8 and ?
Head angle: 40°
Weight: 145g
EAN-code (4952269): 110913
Cutting capacity (φmm):
Stainless: 1.2
Soft iron: 1.6
Copper: 2.6
Stranded copper wire: 5.5mm²
Brass: 2.0
Plastic: 4.0
Material: Carbon steel for machinery(S58C)
Heat Treatment: Oxide-free heat treatment, Induction hardening on edge
Body hardness [HRC]: 42~50
Edge hardness [HRC]: 54~62
Handle cover: PVC molded grips
Surface treatment: Anti-rust oils



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