Haier HCP-168 CO2 Incubator ( 0-20%; 170L / 6,00)

Cabinet Type: Airjact

Volume(L): 168

Exterior Dimensions (W×D×H mm): 707*812*887

Interior Dimensions (W×D×H mm): 490*560*650

Shelf Dimensions (W×D×H mm): 473*434

Standard Configuration of Shelves No./Maximum: 3/11

Temperature Control Mode: Direct heating air sleeve

Humidity Control Range:>90%RH

Temperature Sensor: PT1000*2

Temperature Control Range: Ambient temperature +3℃~55℃

Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.1℃

Temperature Uniformity: ±0.3℃

CO2 Sensor: Infrared sensor (IR) >90%rh

CO2 Control Range: 0~20%

CO2 Control Accuracy: 0.1%

Capacity(L/Cu.Ft): 170L/6.00



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