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Bonnin HH.CP-01CRW CO2 Carbon Dioxide Incubator (160L; RT+5~50℃; 950W; CO2 sensor)

Temperature control range: RT+5~50℃

Temperature resolution: 0.1℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.3℃

CO2 control range: 0~20% Infrared propagator; CO2 control accuracy±0.1%

CO2 recovery time: ≤Concentration value×1.2min

Heating method: water-jacket

Humidification method: Natural evaporation

Volume: 160L

Input power: 950W

Working temperature:  +5~35℃

voltage: AC220V    50HZ

Liner size (mm) W×D×H: 500×500×650

Dimensions (mm) W×D×H: 805×640×870

Carrier bracket (standard): 3 blocks


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